the road of transformation and upgrading in Chinese metal tube industry

2015-04-12 10:28:00 Market news / News

Pipe, metal pipe fittings for short, is to connect the two parts of the pipe or other pipe fittings items, including tee, elbow, head, flange. Industrial metal pipe products have special and strong, high added value. And widely used features, various fields of national economy, the main product supply petrochemical, gas, shipbuilding, electric power, pharmaceutical and other industries, particularly in the emerging field of marine engineering and nuclear power huge space.


The rapid development of industrial metal pipe downstream industries will drive the demand of large diameter, composite materials, high performance and high reliability fittings. At present, the total demand for electric power industry industrial metal pipe fell, mainly on the general performance, demand for low-tech thermal power installed with fittings decline. But key parts of wind power flange, nuclear grade fittings and large diameter, non-standard, high-performance thermal power fittings, are still in short supply, and some need to rely on imports. With the acceleration of urbanization in China infrastructure, oil and gas field development, the world’s shipbuilding orders for the transfer, the construction of marine resources exploration, nuclear power plant construction and other projects, will have been in short supply in the market there is a greater gap between supply and demand.
Analysts believe that the next few years the annual consumption of the country in low-pressure industrial metal pipe about 1.5 million tons, the annual consumption of the high-pressure industrial metal pipe about 2.3 million tons, with the export business, the total annual demand for Chinese industrial metal pipe industry 4.5 million tons about. Industrial consumed worldwide each year the number of high-pressure pipe, at least in more than 23.4 million tons, the market capacity of more than $ 90 billion.