Selection guide on pipe fitting product-Haihao Group

2015-04-13 17:35:43 News

Sometimes we are always hesitant on the pipe fitting selection criteria. How to select the pipe fitting in a right way or how to choose the best manufacturer/product become a big problem. Therefor haihao pipe fitting group sum up a sreious of criteria you may used.
Here is the selection criteria for steel pipe fitting buyers:

hebei-haihao-pipe fittings
hebei-haihao-pipe fittings

1 Pipe materials
2 Pressure Ratings
3 Design and operation
4 Safety information
5 Temperature
Buyer’s assistance:
Before purchasing pipe fittings and flanges, certain questions need to be answered for that particular pipe fitting and the manufacturer who is manufacturing that particular fitting. Some of these questions are as follows:
Can it handle pressure?
Can it handle high temperature?
Does it have proven long-term performance?
Are the joints or seals reliable?
Can it be fitted properly?
Does it have confidence of manufacturers?
Can it withstand outdoor storage and ultraviolet rays?
Can it resist punctures and abrasion?
Does it have widespread approval and acceptance from inspectors and engineers?
Does it have quality and value?
The more the number of