The simple introduction of stud bolts

2018-08-03 11:37:04 Market news / News

The tensile strength of the stud bolt and the anchor bolt is the tensile strength of the round steel itself. The size equal to the cross-sectional area multiplied by the tensile strength design value namely the allowable tensile capacity of the design.

Bolts and stud bolts
Bolts and stud bolts

Bolts and stud bolts can be divided into fixed bolts and stud bolts,movable bolts and stud bolts,expanded anchor bolts and stud bolts and bonded bolts and stud bolts.

  1. Fixed bolts and anchor bolts, also known as short studs and anchor studs, are poured with the foundation to secure equipment without strong vibration and shock.
  2. Movable bolts and stud bolts, also known as long studs and anchor studs, are detachable bolts and anchor bolts, which are for heavy duty equipment with strong vibration and shock during operation.
  3. Expanded anchor bolts and stud bolts are often used to fix static equipment or auxiliary equipment. The installation of the expanded anchor bolts shall meet the following requirements:

The distance between the center of the bolt and the edge of the foundation is not less than 7 times the diameter of the expanded anchor bolts and stud bolts;

The foundation strength of the installed anchor bolts shall not be less than 10 MPa;

There must be no cracks in the hole, so be careful to prevent the bit from colliding with the steel bars and buried pipes in the foundation.

  1. Bonded bolts and stud bolts are a kind of bolts and stud bolts commonly used this year. The method and requirement are the same as the anchor bolts. However, when bonding, please pay attention to the impurities in the hole and do not get wet.

The quality of the installation of stud bolts and anchor studs directly affects the quality of equipment installation. Some equipment have strict requirements on the accuracy of the elevation and position, especially in the linkage equipment with high degree of automation. Therefore, before the studs and anchor bolts are buried and installed, they must be inspected and corrected. When deviation occurs, it should be processed according to the actual situation of the equipment, and different treatment methods should be adopted.

The performance of the stud bolt and the anchor bolt is: the damping rubber effectively attenuates the vibration of the machine itself,reduces the vibration force and transmits the vibration force, and prevents the vibration force from being transmitted. The installation machine does not need to set the stud bolt and the anchor bolt to fix the ground, saving Installation costs, reducing costs.