What is malleable cast iron floor flange?

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Malleable iron pipe flange聽mean the pipe fitting which material is malleable cast iron,malleable iron pipe flange hold different pipe parts together and direct the gas and liquid movement.Malleable iron pipe flange are threaded,meaning that they have grooved ends that allow plumbers to screw the pipe fittings on the pipes,letting plumbers connect different pipes together.

Malleable cast iron floor flange
Malleable cast iron floor flange

Chemical Composition (%) of聽Malleable cast iron floor flange

Grade C Mn P S Si
Malleable iron 2.3-3.2 0.3-0.6 0.045 0.05-0.15 1.0-1.6
Grade P Cr
Malleable iron 0.04-0.1 0.02-0.05

Malleable Iron Pipe Flange Specification Range:

Size: 1/2″-6″,DN 15mm-DN 150mm.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings Type:

The Malleable Iron pipe fittings contain:

elbows,tees,reducers,caps,cross,bends,laterals,bushing,plug,union, coupling,nipple etc.

Malleable Iron Pipe Flange Products Standard:

ASME B16.3 16.14 B16.39, BS143&1256, EN10242

Malleable Iron Pipe Flange Property:

Test pressure:

2.25mpa(water pressure); 0.5Mpa(air pressure); Working pressure 1.5mpa(water pressure)

Malleable Iron Pipe Flange Packing:

We packed聽the products with carton, wooden case, plywood case, pallet etc.

Malleable cast iron floor flange have the characteristics of accurate geometry size, good mechanical performance and tightness. Malleable cast iron floor Flange are widely used in Plumbing accessory, suitable for joining pipe lines of steam, gas, oil, air etc.

Also the galvanized malleable cast iron floor flange, black malleable cast iron floor flange and other pipe fittings are used in furniture and many other fields, for example, the bed, table, bookshelf, lamp and so on. The malleable cast iron floor flanges and pipe fittings are popular and sell well in many countries in the world.