The overview of malleable iron pipe fitting

2018-06-19 17:02:11 Market news / News

What is malleable iron pipe fittings?

Malleable iron pipe fittings,galvanized pipe fittings and threaded pipe fittings are commonly used as aliases for malleable iron pipe fittings.But there are also some differences.

Malleable iron pipe fittings is the pipe fittings made of malleable iron.It should be noted that although malleable iron is malleable,it has certain toughness,but it cannot be used for forging.

Malleable iron pipe fittings are named after material of pipe fittings.

While the galvanized pipe fittings are named after the surface treatment of the pipe fittings.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings

The malleable iron pipe fittings is made of iron,so it is easy to rust when exposed to the air.In particular,the malleable iron pipe fittings are mainly used for fire and water supply engineering.The pipe fittings are exposed to damp environment for a long time,and the rust is more likely to occur.Therefore,the malleable iron pipe fittings need to be treated with anti-rust on the surface.The surface anticorrosive treatment of malleable iron pipe fittings is generally divided into hot galvanized and cold galvanized.Hot galvanized refers to the process of coating the surface of the malleable iron pipe fittings with a zinc coating by dipping the fittings into a zinc solution of 700-800 degrees.Gold galvanized,also known as electro galvanized,is based on electrophoresis,where the zinc transfer is attached to surface of the malleable iron pipe fittings on the cathode,forming a thin and uniform layer of zinc.(About the malleable iron pipe fittings technical information)

As the malleable iron pipe fittings are connected by thread,it is also known as the thread pipe fittings.

However,it should be noted that most of the galvanized pipe fittings is malleable iron pipe fittings,but some welded and other iron pipe fittings also do galvanized processing surface.So the strict sense,the galvanized pipe fittings is not equal to the malleable iron pipe fittings.

The same is true for the thread pipe fittings.Some iron even plastic are connected by thread,but the material is not malleable iron.Similarly,in the strict sense, the thread pipe fittings is not equal to malleable iron pipe fittings.