Mengcun elbow pipe is eligible for 50 brands of Chinese industrial clusters

2015-03-24 10:38:14 Market news / News

In the “cluster and brand Urban Forum” published “China’s industrial clusters Brand 50”, the Mengcun elbow pipe fitting industry clusters become Cangzhou selected one,where the Chinese famous steel pipe fittings manufacturer Hebei Haihao located in. This is another regional brand following the 2006 titled “China elbow pipe capital”, the featured industries Mengcun obtained.


According to reports, Mengcun elbow pipe fitting industry sprouted in the 70s of last century, after the workshop started, all aspects of population expansion and cluster development in three stages, the scale of development, product quality, innovation, market share and visibility, etc. have reached the same industry-leading level. In recent years, Mengcun Hui Autonomous County, the county government to the construction of the park as a leader, guiding characteristic industry gathering, hopes to start construction of the new district, and in accordance with the professional division of labor, the principle of dislocation development, Echelon has developed a flange Industrial Park, fasteners Industrial Park four professional park, the industrial concentration and restructuring provides a new platform. Relying on this platform to increase investment and project construction, and in 2007 the total new investment of 50 million yuan project 27, which invested over 500 million yuan project 4, characteristic industry is being used by large groups, small to large groups of individuals, Large individual change, the rapid growth of the industry’s core business.

As to the Land of the virtues, Ma, represented nearly 20 pipe downstream business booming, Mengcun elbow pipe continue to extend the industrial chain; with Hennessy Groove Tube, Long gold casting,haihao steel pipe insulation, etc. The new fittings companies emerged, product structure more perfect. Currently, there are Mengcun elbow pipe more than 1,300 enterprises, employing over 50,000 people, the annual production value of nearly 80 billion yuan, accounting for the product in the low-pressure pipe market more than 80%, and exports to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and other countries; a total of 27 new technologies and new products obtained national patents, 19 brands were rated as provincial famous and well-known trademarks.