120 pcs hot induction bends are arranged heat treatment in CangZhou CST pipe fitting factory.

2015-11-24 23:37:39 Comapny News
Today , even the weither is not very good, haihao pipe fitting factory proceeded the heating treatment for 120 pcs hot induction bends . In the new order, there are 920 pcs 5D hot induction pipe bends in total.
These bends specification is 12鈥, 5D, 180 Degree, the bend without any tangent length on the two ends, material is API 5L GR.B. Coating finish is black painted , they are all normal requirements in our regular production .after the hot induction bending process, we do this step of heat treatment.
For the steel pipe fittings , suitable heat treatment is necessary to get a good quality performance. As per the clients request , we arranged heat treatment for all the bends at a temperature of 600 鈩, it can make sure the high quality request of the project and end user.
It is a little raining today here in Hebei, but it did not delay the heat treatment working in our factory. our 12.5meter * 4.5meter heating treatment furnace workshop operated very good in such weither , finally we finish the work as per the plan ,it will not effect the delivery time of this bends order .